Introducing, your rocksteopaths:


Dr Carmen Marom

Carmen is an experienced osteopath, completing her Master of Osteopathy in 2010 at RMIT University. She has worked with some of Melbourne's top osteos and is keen to utilise her expertise and knowledge of how the body can function at it's best to benefit those in the music and performing arts industry. She believes osteo is the perfect match for performing artists as it focuses on efficient movement, breathing, posture, strength and how to combine all of this during performance. 

Carmen's treatment style varies depending on what is needed (read: she can be gentle or tough, whatever works best for you). Using a combination of massage, trigger point work, joint mobilisation, stretching, taping, dry needling, and education, she will make sure it works well for the individual.


Dr Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray is an experienced, RMIT University-trained Osteopath who graduated in 2010, has been around the world and is now excited to be back and treating at Sound Osteopathy. 

Having cut her teeth working with some of Australia's most well regarded osteopathic practitioners, she believes strongly in hands on treatment, patient education and enjoys treating a wide range of complex conditions and patients. She has lived, thrived and worked in music communities in both Melbourne and Chicago, she has a hands on understanding of the nature of touring, rehearsals and recording and believes that musicians should not have to live in pain in order to master their craft. From the professional to the professional headbanger, Osteopathy has the common sense anatomical approach to get you performing and being your best.


It should go without saying, but we like to say it anyway, Sound Osteopathy is LGBTIQ friendly, and gender and sexuality inclusive. We make no assumptions and approach every person respectfully and equally.

All of our osteopaths are registered practitioners with AHPRA and members of Osteopathy Australia. If you would like to come in for an appointment, head to our bookings page.