Music Victoria discounts

Did you know that if you have a current Music Victoria membership, we will shower you in love and sing your praises from the rooftops?! Also, you will receive 20% off your initial consultation, and then $10 off every time you come in. EVERY TIME! What a dream. So, tap your fingers over to the Music Victoria page to become a member and then book in with us to receive your discount! If you already have one, well done legend!

This offer is valid any time on presentation of your current Music Victoria membership card.

Love, Sound Osteo


Sound Osteo is offering 20% off your first session if you're an artist, musician, performer, or part of the creative heart of Melbourne. 

Why would we do this?! Sound Osteopathy is dedicated to supporting those who make a difference to our lives by producing and creating music, art and culture because, well, where would we be without all of those things? As well as this, Sound Osteo are committed to bringing performing arts healthcare into the spotlight and engaging the community further about the importance of supporting our performing artists.

So, forward this on to friends, family, whoever might benefit, and we'll see you at Sound Osteo.

Fitzroy Sound Osteo artist discount

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